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    Evaluation Module For DRV2605EVM-CT Haptic Driver


    The DRV2605 is a haptic driver designed for Linear Resonant Actuators (LRA) and Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) motors. It provides many features which help eliminate the design complexities of haptic motor control including reduced solution size, high efficiency output drive, closed-loop motor control, quick device startup, and auto-resonance frequency tracking.

    The DRV2605EVM-CT Evaluation Module (EVM) is a complete demo and evaluation platform for the DRV2605. The kit includes a microcontroller, linear actuator, eccentric rotating mass motor, sample waveforms and capacitive touch buttons which can be used to completely demonstrate and evaluate the DRV2605.

    The DRV2605 is designed to give extremely flexible haptic control of ERM and LRA actuators over a shared I2C compatible bus. This relieves the host processor from ever generating pulse-width modulated (PWM) drive signals, saving both costly timer interrupts and hardware pins.



    • Smart Loop Architecture
    • Automatic Overdrive & Braking (ERM/LRA)
    • Automatic Resonance Tracking (LRA)
    • Automatic Actuator Diagnostics (ERM/LRA)
    • Automatic Calibration (ERM/LRA)
    • I2C Digital Playback Engine
    • 123 Effect Haptic Waveform Library
    • Audio-to-Haptics
    • ERM & LRA Actuator
    • Capacitive Touch Buttons
    • Programmable MSP430


    Ships With

    • Evaluation Module
    • Microcontroller
    • Linear Actuator
    • Eccentric Rotating mass Motor
    • Samples waveforms and capacitive touch buttons

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