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    • RIoTboard Adapter used to interface with Arduino UNO, mikroBUSTM Click, Raspberry PI and Pmod
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    The RIoTboard Adapter is an add-on extension for the RIoTboard host platform board. It is a simple, fully passive interface adapter that allows for the connection of a variety of accessory types to the RIoTboard.

    The RIoTboard Adapter provides a key tool for expanding the RIoTboard platform eco-system. This adapter will make possible the connection and interface of many existing accessories not currently enabled for use with RIoTboard. The adaptor will help make the RIoTboard an even more popular platform due to many more accessory choices now possible.

    As the RIoT has a unique non-standardized expansion GPIO port (P1), there are very few accessories designed that directly connect to the RIoTboard today. The RIoTboard Adapter allows users the ability to interconnect accessories from a wide range of prominent accessory types: Arduino shields, MikroE Clicks, Pmods, RPi accessories, etc., thus enhancing the overall value of the RIoTboard platform.

    The RIoT Adaptor is intended to provide the physical interface connections between the RIoT host and the various accessories supported. It does NOT address the firmware aspects of interfacing various accessories to RIoTboard. The RIoTboard Adapter is just one piece of RIoTboard Accessory enablement. It enables physical connectivity.

    The software requirements to enable the use of an accessory with RIoTboard are unique per accessory, and not addressed herein. The RIoTboard product page on the element14 Design Center provides reference to compatible accessories that have firmware available to support their use with the RIoTboard Adapter.

    With the vast array of available accessories, this adapter brings many opportunities to RIoT users and the community. Users are encouraged to share firmware they’ve developed to enable a given accessory for RIoTboard made possible through use of this adapter.

    Further technical details…

    Accessory connectors are included on the top-side of the RIoTboard Adapter. The interface connector for the RIoTboard’s GPIO expansion connector is provided on the bottom-side. (Reference available documentation for pictures and diagrams depicting connectivity.)

    There is a provision on the RIoTboard Adapter to add an ADC for future connectivity between accessories with analog outputs back to the RIoTboard. This ADC device is not populated by default. The part intended is listed in the BOM, included in the Documents section. Advanced users can add this part and enable it as needed.

    In addition to providing I/O interconnect between RIoTboard and the connected accessory, the RIoTboard Adapter also routes power and ground connections to the attached accessory.


    The RIoTboard Adaptor is designed to accommodate one accessory connection at a time, except in the case of Pmod use. Two Pmod connectors are included to allow for connection of multiple (2) Pmods accessories simultaneously.


    • Bottom-side connection to the RIoTboard’s 40-pin EXT connector (J13)
    • Connector interface for Arduino UNO R3 compatible shield
    • Connector interface for mikroBUSTM Click
    • Connector interface for Raspberry Pi (A/B/B ) compatible accessory
    • Two connector interfaces for Pmod (type 2/2A) accessories

    Ships With

    • RIoTboard Adapter


    Is there sample code available to download ?
    For several of the CLICK boards you will find sample code examples within the following page
    What Voltages can the RIOT-ADAPTER support ?
    Both 3.3V and 5V.

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