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    • SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 wireless network processor BoosterPack plug-in module
    • SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 wireless network processor BoosterPack plug-in module
    • SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 wireless network processor BoosterPack plug-in module


    The CC3100 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® solution provides the flexibility to add Wi-Fi to any microcontroller (MCU). This user guide explains the various configurations of the CC3100 hardware BoosterPack™. This internet on a chip solution contains everything that you need to easily create IoT solutions – security, quick connection, cloud support and more. The CC3100 BoosterPack can be used in several ways. First, it can be connected to a TI MCU LaunchPad (software examples provided for MSP-EXP430F5529LP). Second, it can be plugged into a CC31XXEMUBOOST1 board and connected to a PC for MCU emulation. Finally, it can be connected onto an adapter board (MCU-ADAPT), which allows customers to use CC3100BOOST with additional platforms beyond TI LaunchPads.

    This kit comes in three configurations:

    CC3100BOOST + CC31XXEMUBOOST + MSP-EXP430F5529LP – Able to run all software in SDK, and develop on MSP430F5529 MCU.
    CC3100BOOST + CC31XXEMUBOOST – Used for any CC3100 development.
    CC3100BOOST – If extra CC3100 BoosterPacks are needed, and the user already has CC31XXEMUBOOST.

    NOTE: 1 CC31XXEMUBOOST is an advanced emulation board that is required for flashing CC3100BOOST, using the radio tool (Radio performance testing or putting into certification modes), and for doing networking processing logs for advanced debug.
    NOTE: The antennas used for this transmitter must be installed to provide a separation distance of at least 20 cm from all people and must not be co-located or operate in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.

    Key Applications: Cloud Connectivity, Internet Gateway, Home Automation, Industrial Control, Home Appliances, Smart Plug and Metering, Access Control, Wireless Audio, Security Systems, IP Network Sensor Nodes, Smart Energy


    • CC3100 Wi-Fi Network Processor in QFN package
    • 2 20-pin stackable connectors
    • On-board chip antenna with option for U.FL-based testing
    • Power from on-board LDO using USB OR 3.3V from MCU LaunchPad
    • 2 push buttons
    • 4 LEDs
    • Jumper with 0.1 Ohm resistor for current measurement
    • 0.8 megabit serial flash
    • 40 MHz crystal, 32 KHz crystal and oscillator
    • U.FL and chip antenna
    • USB
    • 4 Layer PCB with 6 mm spacing and track width

    Ships With

    • CC3100BOOST
    • Micro USB cable
    • Quick start guide


    Can I use the CC3100 Boost with any microcontroller?
    YES and NO. If you use the CC3100BOOST with the CC31XXEMUBOOST then NO you can only use TI Microntrollers. If you are working with the CC3100 as a single device, i.e not on the CC3100BOOST, then YES, there are details in the User Manual on how to connect via UART or SPI
    What protocols are included ?
    The CC3100 contains several internet protocols in ROM including mDNS, DNS, SSL/TLS, and HTTP server.
    What internet connections can I make?
    Access Point Mode, WPS, SmartConfig and several others.
    Is encryption possible?
    Hardware cryptography engine allows TLS secure Link in 200ms.
    What is the CC31XXEMUBOOST?
    An Emulation BoosterPack for the CC3100BOOST, it provides FTDI Debug Support, provides SPI and GPIO interface with SimpleLink Studio in addition to datalogging and USB functionality.

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