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    • SHIM RTC Realtime Clock Accessory Board for Raspberry Pi


    SHIM RTC is a battery backed up realtime clock and calendar add on board for Raspberry Pi that does not get in the way of other add on boards providing easy, plug and play integration and development for designs and/or applications requiring time stamps. Board communicates via I2C interface, supported by a back-up battery to ensure on-going timekeeping operation in power-down situation. Battery not included.

    PiFace Real Time Clock means your Raspberry Pi always has the correct time. Furthermore, it's that small you'll hardly notice it's there! You can slip it inside most cases and under, most add-on boards!

    Key Applications: Applications requiring time stamps

    Note: 1x CR1220 3V lithium coin cell battery required for backup when the Raspberry Pi is powered down


    • Microchip MCP7940N Battery backed RTCC device
    • Does not use up the Raspberry Pi GPIO headers.
    • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Models (A, B and B )
    • Works with 26 or 40 Raspberry Pi GPIO header pins
    • Fits within Raspberry Pi footprint
    • Add a real time clock for time stamping applications
    • Will fit under most add-on boards
    • I²C connection
    • 3V battery (2 year lifespan not supplied)

    Ships With

    • SHIM RTC Realtime Clock Accessory Board

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