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    • PiFace SHIM GPIO Duplication Board for Raspberry Pi

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    SHIM is a blank PCB that works with all current Raspberry PI models including the new Model B with 40 GPIOs to duplicate the header pins without losing the use of the headers for additional add on boards or connectors. The SHIM has two sets of plated thru holes in the same RPI GPIO configuration with the relative holes connected together. With one set of holes placed over the Raspberry Pi headers the other set of holes on the SHIM can accommodate header pins, wires, etc. to support the users application while not covering up the RPI header pins for additional add on boards.

    Key Applications: Duplicates RPI GPIO pins for connection to a breadboard, easier access pins as test points, and the ability to attach pins or wires to the SHIM/GPIO for working with your applications.


    • Does not use up the Raspberry Pi GPIO headers.
    • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Models (A, B and B plus)
    • Works with 26 or 40 Raspberry Pi GPIO header pins

    Ships With

    • Pi-Face SHIM GPIO Duplication Board

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