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    • PiFace Digital 2 for Raspberry Pi
    • PiFace Digital 2 for Raspberry Pi
    • PiFace Digital 2 for Raspberry Pi


    PiFace Digital 2 add-on board for Raspberry Pi that allows for connecting things that will influence the world around it. PiFace Digital 2 includes components like relays, switches, digital and analog I/O that will allow for connection to sensors, motors, lights, etc. and be controlled by the Raspberry Pi board.

    The original PiFace Digital interface board fits the original Raspberry Pi models A and B. PiFace Digital 2 has been redesigned to fit the Raspberry Pi models A and B.

    PiFace™ Digital 2 sits neatly above the Raspberry Pi® and connects using the expansion connector. Take care to ensure all expansion pins are lined up with the holes on the PiFace™ Digital 2 socket. Check the alignment for left and right, and front and back before pushing down and never force the boards together if they don’t slide smoothly.

    Warning: Ensure that no power is supplied to Raspberry Pi®, or PiFace Digital 2 boards when plugging or unplugging.

    Key Applications: Education, Home/Industrial automation, Security Monitoring, Internet of Things gateway, Remote monitoring, I/O expander, User interface for systems, Hobbyist projects and games.



    • 2 Change over Relays
    • 4 Tactile Switches
    • 8 Digital Inputs
    • 8 Open-Collector Outputs
    • 8 LED Indicators
    • Graphical Emulator
    • Easy to program in Python 3 and 2, Scratch and C
    • Support for interrupts

    Ships With

    • PiFace Digital 2 Board


    What are the onboard components available in PIFACE DIGITAL 2 ?
    The PIFACE DIGITAL 2 includes 2 relays, 4 tactile switches, 8 digital Inputs, 8 Open-Collector OutPuts, 8 LED Indicators.
    What are the maximum voltage/Current ratings of the on-board relay?
    Relays can be used to switch voltages up to 20V (Max) or currents up to 5A (Max)

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