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    • Evaluation Module for PGA281 - Zero-Drift, High Voltage Programmable Gain Amplifier
    • Evaluation Module for PGA281 - Zero-Drift, High Voltage Programmable Gain Amplifier


    The PGA281EVM provides basic functional evaluation of the PGA281, a high-precision instrumentation amplifier with pin-programmable gain, attenuation, and error detection.

    The PGA281 is a high-precision instrumentation amplifier with a digitally-controllable gain and signal-integrity test capability. This device uses proprietary autozeroing techniques to offer low offset voltage, near-zero offset and gain drift, excellent linearity, and nearly no 1/f noise.

    The PGA281 is optimized to provide an excellent common-mode rejection of greater than 110 dB (G = 1) over a wide frequency range. Superior common-mode and supply rejection supports high-resolution, precise measurement. The 36-V supply capability and wide, high-impedance input range comply with requirements for universal signal measurement.

    The PGA281 offers multiple internal gain options from ? V/V (attenuation) to 176 V/V, making this a universal, high-performance, analog front-end suitable for a wide variety of applications. The fully differential, rail-to-rail output is designed to easily interface a wide range of input signals to the low-voltage domain of high-resolution analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).

    Key Applications: High-Precision Signal Instrumentation, Multiplexed Data Acquisition, Medical Instrumentation, Test and Measurement Equipment, Differential or Single-Ended ADC Drivers, Strain Gauge Amplifiers, Industrial Process Control.


    • Onboard power management circuitry generates all required power-supply rails from one split-supply input
    • DIP switch allows easy setting of pin-programmable gain
    • Error flag LED provides visual feedback of any detected error condition
    • Easy access to pertinent nodes with test points, BNC connectors, and banana jacks
    • Component footprints allow multiple filtering configurations

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    • PGA281EVM Evaluation Module

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