Version 16
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    • Extremely flexible, yet easy to use interface between the GUI, audio sources, and TI’s Audio Products
    • Enables PurePath™ Console GUI to send I2C control signals via USB
    • Initialization sequence is loaded utilizing auto device detection, reducing hardware setup time
    • Extremely flexible audio routing:
      • Audio input sources: USB audio, SPDIF (optical and coax) and Analog
      • Audio Output: Optical SPDIF and Analog
    • Robust connector provides signal integrity and mechanical stability to daughter card
    • Single power supply
    • Compatible with Win 7 and XP

    The PurePath™ Console Motherboard EVM (PurePath-CMBEVM) is used as primary interface to TI’s Audio Products. It provides a seamless interface between the PurePath™ Console GUI running on your computer, and the device under evaluation.

    The PurePath-CMBEVM provides virtually infinite flexibility via hardware, that is easily controlled by the software. For the audio path, it supports virtually any “gozinta” to any “gozouta.” Each device on the board is programmable via the GUI, either graphically, or via configuration files.

    The PurePath-CMBEVM is shipped as a stand-alone board. It is not included in any product EVMs.

    Key Applications: TV, mini-component, AVR.

    • PUREPATH-CMBEVM Evaluation Module
    Applications LibraryAudio Firmware (TAS1020B) V0354 (.pdf)