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    • Evaluation Module for OPA1S2385 - 250-MHz, CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) with Integrated Switch and Buffer
    • Evaluation Module for OPA1S2385 - 250-MHz, CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) with Integrated Switch and Buffer


    The OPA1S2385EVM is intended to provide basic functional evaluation of the OPA1S2385. This EVM is designed to evaluate the performance of the device in both single- and dual-supply configurations.

    The OPA1S2384 and OPA1S2385 (OPA1S238x) combine high bandwidth, FET-input operational amplifiers with a fast SPST CMOS switch designed for applications that require the tracking and capturing of fast signals.

    By providing a 250-MHz gain bandwidth product and rail-to-rail input/output swings in single-supply operation, the OPA1S238x is capable of wideband transimpedance gain and large output signal swing simultaneously. Low input bias current and voltage noise (6 nV/√Hz) make it possible to amplify extremely low-level input signals for maximum signal-to-noise ratio.

    The characteristics of the OPA1S238x make this device ideally suited for use as a wideband photodiode amplifier.

    In addition, the CMOS switch and subsequent buffer amplifier allow the OPA1S238x to be easily configured as a fast sample-and-hold circuit. The external hold capacitor and post-gain options make the OPA1S238x easily adoptable to a wide range of speed and accuracy requirements. Note that the OPA1S2384 closes the internal switch with a logic-high signal, and the OPA1S2385 closes the internal switch with a logic-low signal.

    Key Applications:

    • Communications:
      • Optical Networking: EPON, GPON
      • Signal Strength Monitors
      • Burst-Mode RSSI
    • Photodiode Monitoring
    • Fast Sample-and-Hold Circuits
    • Charge Amplifiers
    • High-Speed Integrators


    • Configurable for split-supply or single-supply operation.
    • Easy access to pertinent nodes with test points, SMA connectors, and banana plugs.
    • Default noninverting gain of 1 configuration for basic sample-and-hold mode evaluation.
    • Component footprints allow for multiple gain, feedback, and filtering configurations.
    • Designed for connection to standard 50 Ohm test equipment.

    Ships With

    • OPA1S2385EVM Evaluation Module

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