Version 40
    From MCU users to FPGA experts, LOGi boards offers beginning or experienced FPGA developers a plug-and-play experience with popular embedded systems including the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black. The LOGi Ecosystem of FPGA hardware, software, drivers and applications mitigates the sharp learning curve associated with FPGA development while unifying existing hardware interfaces and platforms. FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) development is an invaluable technology that allows a single board/device to morph in functionality to fit the needs of changing environments and application requirements.

    LOGi is a open-source closed-loop FPGA development solution consisting of an ecosystem of FPGA hardware, software, drivers and applications which builds on the BeagleBone™ or Raspberry Pi™ platforms starting with a LOGi board, an FPGA device daughter card that allowing users to jump start their FPGA/CPU applications.

    The LOGi Ecosystem can then leverages the use of FPGAs in three different ways depending on experience levels.

    1. LOGi Apps can run existing highly functional applications with a single terminal command – “sudo”
    2. LOGi Skeleton web based graphical HDL composer can be used to customize and configure their projects using graphical components.
    3. LOGi Stack a set of software, drivers and HDL drivers available to seamlessly integrate FPGA functions into your own MCU applications.

    • Seamless FPGA and CPU development on BeagleBone or Raspberry Pi
    • Gateway for MCU/CPU users to learn and use FPGAs.
    • Pathway to traditional FPGA development in VHDL and Verilog with the LOGI-EDU board and recommended books.
    • Plug and play experience with hundreds of Arduino™ Compatible and Pmod™ peripheral modules
    • Dynamic reconfiguration of FPGA from the host CPU without expensive programmers
    • Many Projects and applications already available like machine vision, bitcoin mining, autonomous vehicle control, robotics and more
    • Complete documentation at the LOGi Wiki