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    Ben decides to go back to a simpler time before smartphones by building a DIY basic cell phone. He uses the Adafruit FONA as the foundation of the project along with a keyboard, battery, OLED, and microcontroller. Ben programs the MCU to be the brains of his phone project. Ben get all the pieces working and shows how it will all come together in a custom case in the next episode.


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    Build Like Ben: Part List for building your DIY Cell Phone:

    QtyProduct NameSupplierBuy These PartsBuy These Parts
    1ATmega328element14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Surface Mount Push Buttonselement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Power Switchelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Microphoneelement14Buy NowBuy Now
    1Speakerelement14Buy NowBuy Now


    Parts Not Sold by element14

    1Fona ModuleAdafruit
    1OLED ScreenAdafruit
    1Li-Po Battery (3.7v)Adafruit
    1FTDI Basic (breakout)Sparkfun
    1Screen Protection Plastic


    Supporting Files

    Click Herefor access to all the supporting files you will need to replicate this build!