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    Features of ADCMP572 Comparator:

    • 3.3 V single-supply operation
    • 150 ps propagation delay
    • 15 ps overdrive and slew rate dispersion
    • 8 GHz equivalent input rise time bandwidth
    • 80 ps minimum pulse width
    • 35 ps typical output rise/fall
    • 10 ps deterministic jitter (DJ)
    • 200 fs random jitter (RJ)
    • On-chip terminations at both input pins
    • Robust inputs with no output phase reversal
    • Resistor-programmable hysteresis
    • Differential latch control

    The EVAL-ADCMP572BCPZ is an Evaluation board for ADCMP572 Ultrafast 3.3 V Single-Supply Comparator. The comparator represent state of the art, general-purpose comparator technology, it is important that their performance characteristics be evaluated using the highest band-width components available. The evaluation board provides a relatively high quality environment in which to make such measurements.

    The Evaluation board is fabricated using a high quality dielectric material between the ground plane and signal layers in order to maintain high signal integrity. All input and output signals are brought on to the board with 2.9 mm RF connectors, and transmission line paths are kept as close to 50 Ω as possible.

    The ADCMP572 ultrafast comparator fabricated on Analog Devices proprietary XFCB3 Silicon Germanium (SiGe) bipolar process. The ADCMP572 features CML output drivers and latch inputs, and the ADCMP573 features reduced swing PECL (RSPECL) output drivers and latch inputs. The device offer 150 ps propagation delay and 80 ps minimum pulse width for 10 Gbps operation with 200 fs rms random jitter (RJ). Overdrive and slew rate dispersion are typically less than 15 ps.

    Key Applications: Clock and data signal restoration and level shifting, Automatic test equipment (ATE), High speed instrumentation, Pulse spectroscopy, Medical imaging and diagnostics, High speed line receivers, Threshold detection, Peak and zero-crossing detectors, High speed trigger circuitry.

    • ADCMP572 Evaluation Board
    Schematics / Layout filesSchematic file for ADCMP572 Evaluation Board (.pdf)