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    • MPLAB PM3 device Production Programmer


    The MPLAB. PM3 Universal Device Programmer operates with a PC or as a stand-alone unit, and programs Microchips entire line of PICmicro.devices as well as the latest dsPIC30F DSC devices. It features a large and bright LCD (128x64 pixels), integrated ICSP support, fast programming, 40-programmable socket pins, and a Secure Digital/Multimedia Card slot for secure data storage and transfer. An optional adapter (AC164350) allows current PROMATE.II socket modules to be used on the MPLAB PM3 programmer.


    • RS-232 or USB interface
    • Integrated In Circuit Serial Programming™ (ICSP™) interface
    • Fast programming time
    • Three operating modes:
      • PC Host mode for full control
      • Safe mode for secure data
      • Standalone mode for programming without a PC
    • Complete line of interchangeable socket modules to support all Microchip devices and package options (sold separately)
    • SQTPsm serialization for programming unique serial numbers while in PC Host mode.
    • An alternate DOS command line interface is available for batch control
    • Supports PROMATE® II socket modules via adapter (sold separately)
    • Large easy-to-read display
    • Field upgradable firmware allows quick new device support
    • Secure Digital (SD) and Multimedia Card (MMC)
    • Buzzer notification for noisy environments

    Ships With

    • MPLAB PM3 Programming Unit
    • Cables
    • Power Supply
    • IDE

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