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    The MCP19111 is a digitally-enhanced PWM controller. It combines a pure-analog PWM controller with a supervisory microcontroller making it a fast, cost-effective, and configurable power conversion solution. The MCP19111 is ideal for standard power conversion, LED drivers, and battery charging applications.

    The MCP19111 Evaluation Board demonstrates how the MCP19111 device operates in a synchronous buck topology over a wide input voltage and load range. Nearly all operational and control system parameters are programmable by utilizing the integrated PIC microcontroller core. MPLAB X IDE can be used in conjunction with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) plug-in to easily configure the MCP19111. Alternatively, the user can program the MCP19111 using their own firmware, tailoring it to their application.

    The evaluation board contains headers for ICSP™ (In-Circuit Serial Programming™) as well as I2C communication, pull-up and pull-down resistor pads and test point pads on each GPIO pin, and two push buttons for system development.



    • Vin range: 5V to 12V
    • Adjustable Vout range: 0.5V to 3.6V
    • Maximum output current: 30A with proper air flow
    • Programming and I2C communication headers
    • Factory programmed to produce 1.8V from 12V source
    • The factory programmed source code is available

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