Version 15
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    • Full-featured evaluation module for the PCM2903C audio codec.
    • USB connection to PC provides power, control, and streaming audio data for easy evaluation
    • Fully compliant with the USB 1.1 specification
    • Full-speed transceivers
    • Partially programmable descriptors
    • USB adaptive mode for playback
    • USB asynchronous mode for record
    • Self-powered

    The PCM2903EVM-U is an evaluation module for the PCM2903C USB audio codec. The EVM is supported by Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, OSX and most operating systems which are compatible with USB class audio devices. The PCM2903EVM-U connects to a USB port of a PC. The USB interface provides power, control and streaming audio data to the EVM.

    The PCM2903C is single-chip, USB, stereo audio codec with a USB-compliant full-speed protocol controller and S/PDIF. The USB protocol controller requires no software code. The PCM2903C employs SpAct architecture, TI’s unique system that recovers the audio clock from USB packet data. On-chip analog PLLs with SpAct enable playback and record with low clock jitter, as well as independent playback and record sampling rates.

    Key Applications: USB Audio Speaker, USB Headset, USB Monitor, USB Audio Interface Box

    • PCM2903EVM-U Evaluation Module
    Simulation Model/CAD ModelsIBIS Model for PCM2903C (.zip)