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    Evaluation Board for MCP16251 and MCP1640B Sync Boost Converters


    The MCP16251 and MCP1640B Synchronous Boost Converters Evaluation Board is used to evaluate and demonstrate Microchip Technology’s MCP16251 and MCP1640B products. This board demonstrates the MCP16251/MCP1640B in two boost-converter applications with multiple output voltages.

    It can be used to evaluate both package options (SOT-23-6 and 2x3 mm 8-(T)DFN). The MCP16251 and MCP1640B Synchronous Boost Converters Evaluation Board was developed to help engineers reduce the product design cycle time. Three common output voltages can be selected: 2.0V, 3.3V and 5.0V.

    The output voltage can be changed with a mini-dip switch that changes the external resistor divider. A switch connected to the EN pin is used to enable and disable the converters. When enabled, the MCP16251/MCP1640B will regulate the output voltage; when disabled, the MCP16251/MCP1640B disconnects the path from input to output for “true-disconnect”.

    Key Applications:

    • One, Two and Three Cell Alkaline and NiMH/NiCd
      Portable Products
    • Solar Cell Applications
    • Personal Care and Medical Products
    • Bias for Status LEDs
    • Smartphones, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras
    • Remote controllers, Portable Instruments
    • Wireless Sensors
    • Bluetooth Headsets
    • 3.3V to 5.0V Distributed Power Supply



    • It can be powered by one-cell, two-cell, or three-cell alkaline, NiCd, NiMH, one-cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer batteries
    • Input voltage range (VIN ): 0.35V to 5.5V, with VIN ≤ VOUT
    • Fixed output voltage: 2.0V or 3.3V and 3.3V or 5.0V, selected using a mini-dip switch on board
    • Output current: typical 125 mA @ 3.3V Output, 1.5V Input or 200 mA @ 5.0V Output, 3V Input
    • Start-up voltage: 0.82V (for MCP16251’s Converter) or 0.65V (for MCP1640B’s Converter) at VOUT = 3.3V and IOUT= 1mA, resistive load
    • Automatic PFM/PWM Operation for the MCP16251 Converter
    • PWM Switching Frequency = 500 kHz
    • Enable state, selectable using the mini-dip switch on board
    • Peak Input Current Limit (800mA for MCP1640 or 650mA for MCP16251)
    • Over-temperature Protection


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