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    • SolarMagic SM3320-BATT-EV Charge Controller Reference Design
    • SolarMagic SM3320-BATT-EV Charge Controller Reference Design


    The SM72442 MPPT digital controller and SM72295 photovoltaic full bridge drivers are designed to control high efficiency DC/DC conversion used in photovoltaic applications. This application note will detail the usage of those devices in a battery charging application. The reference design is meant to provide support for a wide variety of implementations, however, unless otherwise noted, this reference design system is shown charging a 12V commercial automotive lead acid battery.

    If the battery voltage is very low, a slow charge current is applied and limited until the voltage rises above a pre-set threshold value Vt. The full charge current is then applied. Once full charge is detected on the voltage of the battery, the system switches to a floating charge and maintains the battery voltage at a fixed threshold. At any time, the system will run in MPPT mode if the available power is lower than the power required to achieve voltage or current regulation.

    Key Applications: Power Management, Battery Charger


    • 12V Lead Acid Battery
    • Vin range = 15V to 45V Vmp (50V Voc)
    • Max Input Current: Isc = 11A
    • MPPT algorithm for optimized photovoltaic applications
    • Up to 9A charging current
    • Reverse current protection
    • Trickle charge and fast charge mode
    • Up to 98% converter efficiency
    • 14.2V max charge voltage, 13.5V floating voltage
    • Output voltage set-points can be re programmed

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