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    • Demo Board for LTC2941 Battery Gas Gauge with I2C Interface
    • Demo Board for LTC2941 Battery Gas Gauge with I2C Interface


    The DC1496B-A is a demonstration board for LTC2941 battery gas gauge with I2C interface. The LTC2941 measures battery charge state in battery-supplied handheld PC and portable product applications. Its operating range is perfectly suited for single-cell Li-Ion batteries. A precision coulomb counter integrates current through a sense resistor between the battery’s positive terminal and the load or charger. The measured charge is stored in internal registers. An SMBus/I2C interface accesses and configures the device.

    The LTC2941 features programmable high and low thresholds for accumulated charge. If a threshold is exceeded, the device communicates an alert using either the SMBus alert protocol or by setting a flag in the internal status register. The LTC2941 requires only a single low value external sense resistor to set the current range.

    Key Applications: Low Power Handheld Products, Cellular Phones, MP3 Player, Cameras, GPS



    Features of LTC2941 Battery Gas Gauge with I2C Interface:

    • Indicates Accumulated Battery Charge and Discharge
    • High Accuracy Analog Integration
    • High Side Sense
    • 1% Charge Accuracy
    • ±50mV Sense Voltage Range
    • SMBus/I2C Interface
    • Configurable Alert Output/Charge Complete Input
    • 2.7V to 5.5V Operating Range
    • Quiescent Current Less Than 100μA

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