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    902 MHz Transceiver module for Raspberry Pi using EnOcean TCM 310U


    element14 presents a new EnOcean Pi board to quickly transform your Raspberry Pi into a gateway. EnOcean Pi connects energy harvesting wireless devices with Raspberry Pi to help automate networks and automation systems at home or in the workplace. It enables your Raspberry Pi to communicate with thermostats and switches, to control systems such as temperature and lighting. The EnOcean Pi also comes with free software included so you can get your home automation set up quickly and easily.

    The EnOcean Pi features a SMD mountable radio transmitter module enabling the realization of gateways for EnOcean 868 MHz, 315 MHz and 902 MHz radio systems. It provides a bi-directional radio interface and a bi-directional serial interface. Radio messages are sent transparently through the serial interface in both directions from and to an externally connected host processor or host PC.

    EnOcean Pi also features EnOcean’s Smart Ack controller functionality, enabling bi-directional communication via radio and serial interfaces. Radio messages can be sent transparently through the serial interface in both directions to and from the Pi. EnOcean Pi can act as postmaster for up to 20 bi-directional sensors using Smart Ack technology.

    The new EnOcean Pi is supplied with free to download EnOcean ‘Link’ middleware that allows users to quickly develop and integrate applications. The Raspberry Pi acts as the gateway to automate control of EnOcean-based energy harvesting wireless sensors, thermostats and switches to comfortably manage lighting, HVAC, shading and help to save energy.

    Note : EnOcean Pi is available in three versions: EnOcean Pi 868 - Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia & China, EnOcean Pi 902 - North America, EnOcean Pi 315 - North America & APAC (excluding China).

    Key Applications: Smart Home Solutions, Cloud services, Low-Cost Building Automation, Energy Harvesting.


    • Smart Ack controller functionality
    • Transparent radio channel
    • Programmable repeater functionality (1 / 2 Level)
    • ESP3 support (EnOcean Serial Protocol V3)
    • Not API programmable!

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    • EnOcean Pi Board

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