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    • USB-UART LP Reference Design Kit
    • USB-UART LP Reference Design Kit


    The USB-UART LP Bridge Controller is the latest addition to Cypress’s family of Full-Speed USB Controllers. The CY7C65213 controller provides a single USB-to-UART channel, with industry’s lowest power consumption in stand-by mode (5 uA).

    The CY7C65213 controller integrates Battery Charging Detection logic compliant to USB-IF Battery Charging specification ver. 1.2 (to detect the source of power on the USB port). The controller features up to 8 pins for GPIO and is available in 32-pin QFN package. The controller is USB-IF certified with TID# 40860041.

    CY7C65213 is a fully integrated USB-to-UART bridge that provides a simple method to upgrade UART-based devices to USB with a minimal number of components. CY7C65213 includes a USB 2.0 Full-Speed controller, a UART transceiver, an internal regulator, an internal oscillator, and a 512-byte flash.

    Key Applications: Portable medical devices (like blood-glucose meters), Point-of-sales terminals, Serial Cables (including USB-to-UART and RS232 cables) and many other applications requiring USB connectivity.


    • USB 2.0-certified, full-speed (12 Mbps)
      • Supports communication driver class (CDC), pe rsonal health care device class (PHDC), and vendor-specific drivers
      • BCD compliant with USB Battery Charging Specif ication, Rev. 1.2 (Peripheral Detect only)
      • Integrated USB termination resistors
    • Single-channel configurable UART interface
      • Data rates up to 3 Mbps
      • 256 bytes for each transmit and receive buffer
      • Data format:
        • 7 to 8 data bits
        • 1 to 2 stop bits
      • No parity, even, odd, mark, or space parity
      • Supports parity, overrun, and framing errors
      • Supports flow control using Clear To Send (CTS), Request To Send (RTS), Data Terminal Ready (DTR), and Data Set Ready (DSR)

    Ships With

    • CYUSBS232 RDK boar
    • Quick start guide
    • USB standard-A to micro-B cable
    • Jumper wires
    • CY7C65213-32LTXI sample silicon chips

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