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    • Tag-Connect In-Circuit Cable No Legs
    • Tag-Connect In-Circuit Cable No Legs
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    Tag-Connect cables provide a simple, reliable means of connecting Debuggers and Programmers or other test equipment to your PCB’s while lowering board costs and facilitating efficient production programming.

    Tag-Connect uses a specially designed (Patent Pending) connector which eliminates the need for putting a programming header or other mating connector on every PCB. Instead, Tag-Connect uses tried and tested spring-pins rated for 100,000 operations to make a secure connection to a special footprint pattern of pads and locating holes on your PCB. The footprint can take up as little board space as 0.02 square inches (about the space needed for a couple of 0805 SMT resisitors) which means you can locate the footprint right next to the MCU if desired.


    • ZERO Cost per Board
    • No mating connector required on PCB
    • Tiny footprint
    • High Reliability Pogo Spring Pins for Secure Connection
    • Rugged Design for Highly Repetitive Use
    • Designed so it can only be inserted the correct way round
    • Two versions both designed to cut your costs, save you time, and save space on your PCBs

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