Version 14
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    • Plug-and-play with PICtail™ Plus connector and PICkit™ 2 connector
    • High density, wide voltage range devices mounted to the boards
    • Follows the published recommended usage for each bus, including decoupling capacitors, pull-up/down resistors
    • Test points for oscilloscope connections for firmware debugging (I2C™ and UNI/O® only)
    • All four standard serial interfaces are included for maximum flexibility in developing your application

    The Serial EEPROM PIM PICtail Modules allow you to get started right out of the box. Write directly to the Serial EEPROM by using one of the PIM modules with either the MPLAB Starter Kit for Memory Products or the PICkit 2 Programmer/Debugger. Many of the application notes written for the PIC(R) Microcontroller families will work directly with the corresponding PIM module. Each PIM module follows the recommended usage guidelines to get your application off the ground right away.