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    • Evaluation Board for LPC177x/8x Microcontroller Family
    • Evaluation Board for LPC177x/8x Microcontroller Family


    The EA LPC177x/8x Evaluation Board allows you to quickly and easily evaluate the LPC177x/8x family of microcontrollers. The microcontroller, board, and the accompanying features make it a great starting point for your next Cortex-M3 project.

    Embedded Artists' LPC1788 Developer's Kit lets you get up-and-running quickly with the LPC1788 OEM Board. The LPC1788 OEM Board is equipped with NXP's Cortex-M3 based LPC1788 microcontroller suitable for a wide range of applications that require advanced communication and high quality graphic displays. The OEM board ships with an LPC1788 device that is a superset of several other device variants of the NXP LPC177x/8x microcontroller series.

    Key Applications: eMetering, Lighting, Industrial networking, Alarm systems, White goods, Motor control


    • Program Flash: 128 MB NAND FLASH + 512 kB internal
    • Data Memory: 32 MB SDRAM + 96 KB internal
    • Ethernet: 100/10M Ethernet interface based on SMSC LAN8720 Ethernet PHY
    • Clock Crystals: 12.000 MHz crystal for CPU , 32.768 kHz crystal for RTC
    • Connectors: 200 pos expansion connector (SODIMM standard), 0.6 mm pitch
    • Other: 256 Kbit I²C EEPROM for storing

    Ships With

    • One LPC1788 OEM Board
    • One OEM Base Board
    • One USB cable, type A to mini-B
    • Headset with microphone
    • Serial number that gives you access to the EA's support site for this product, which includes:
      • User Manual
      • LPC1788 OEM Board Datasheet
      • LPC1788 OEM Board Schematic
      • OEM Base Board Schematics
      • Links to datasheets for key components
      • Software examples

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