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    • Demo Board for LT8582 - Dual 3A Boost/Inverting/SEPIC DC/DC Converter
    • Demo Board for LT8582 - Dual 3A Boost/Inverting/SEPIC DC/DC Converter


    Demonstration circuit 1734A features the dual channel LT®8582 in boost and inverting regulator configurations. The circuit is designed to convert a 5V to 10V input source to 12V at 900mA and –12V at 590mA.

    To limit the temperature rise of the chip to 40°C, on the demo board with no air flow, the maximum combined output power is 15W. Additional input bulk capacitance may be needed, subject to source impedance. DC1734A is designed to survive output short circuit events.

    The LT®8582 is a dual independent channel PWM DC/DC converter with a power good pin and built-in fault protection to help guard against input overvoltage and overtemperature conditions. Each channel consists of a 42V master switch and a 42V slave switch that can be tied together for a total current limit of 3A.


    Key Applications:

    • Local Power Supply
    • Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Bias Supplies
    • TFT-LCD Bias Supplies
    • Automotive Engine Control Unit (ECU) Power


    Features of LT8582:

    • Dual 42V, 3A Combined Power Switch
    • Master/Slave (1.7A/1.3A) Switch Design
    • Wide Input Range: 2.5V to 22V Operating, 40V Maximum Transient
    • Power Good Pin for Event Based Sequencing
    • Switching Frequency Up to 2.5MHz
    • Each Channel Easily Configurable as a Boost, SEPIC, Inverting or Flyback Converter
    • Low VCESAT Switch: 270mV at 2.75A (Typical)
    • Can be Synchronized to an External Clock
    • Output Short-Circuit Protection
    • High Gain SHDN Pin Accepts Slowly Varying Input Signals

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