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    • Starter Kit for Power System Management
    • Starter Kit for Power System Management


    The DC1962C is a demonstration system that showcases three different Linear Technology devices—the LTC®3880, LTC2974, and LTC2977. The LTC2974 and LTC2977 devices are I2C/ SMBus/PMBus power system managers with EEPROM. The LTC3880 is a dual output PolyPhase® step-down DC/DC controller with digital power system management. The LTC3880 monitors and controls 2 power supply rails, the LTC2974 monitors and controls 4 power supply rails, and the LTC2977 monitors and controls 8 power supply rails. The DC1962C demonstrates the ability of these devices to sequence, trim, margin, supervise, monitor, and log faults for fourteen power supplies. Each power supply channel’s output voltage is monitored and each device monitors its own internal die temperature. Six channels have current and external temperature sensing.

    The DC1962C is a single circuit board that contains fourteen independent power supply rails. The board employs twelve LTC3405A 300mA switch-mode regulators, which are configured to be controlled by the LTC2974 (4) and LTC2977 (8). The LTC3880’s two channels have much of the switching regulator integrated, only requiring the external power stage (power MOSFETs), inductor, and other passives. This board provides a sophisticated fourteen channel digitally programmable power supply system.

    Multiple DC1962C boards can be cascaded together to form a high channel count power supply. This allows for the formation of a single, coherent power supply system. The user configures up to eight DC1962C boards, thereby controlling up to 112 separate power supply rails. This cascaded configuration demonstrates features of the LT power system management ICs which enable timing and fault information to be shared across multiple ICs.

    The DC1962C demo board can be powered by an external power supply, such as a +12VDC supply. Communication with the software is provided through the DC1613 USB-to-I2C/SMBus/ PMBus Controller.

    Key Application: Power Supply System


    Key features for DC1962C:

    • I2C/SMBus Serial Interface
    • PMBus Compliant Command Set
    • Configuration EEPROM with CRC
    • Black Box Fault Logging to Internal EEPROM
    • Differential Input, 16-Bit ΔΣ ADC with less than ±0.25% of total Unadjusted Error (±0.5% for LTC3880)
    • Voltage Servos Precisely Adjust Supply Voltages
    • LTC2974 and LTC2977 Utilize 10-Bit trim DACs with Soft-Connect
    • Telemetry Reads Back VIN, IIN, VOUT, IOUT, Temperature (Int. and Ext.)
    • Output Sequencer - Time Based or Tracking (Tracking support on LTC2974 Only)
    • Supports Multichannel Fault Management
    • Operates Autonomously without Additional SW
    • Powered from 6V to 14V
    • Packaging:
      • LTC2974/LTC2977 in 64-lead QFN
      • LTC3880 in 40-lead QFN

    Ships With

    • Demo Board for DC1962C
    • DC1613A - USB-to-PMBus Controller

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