Version 6


    What is it?

    DreamBoard is a project to crowd-source what is the ultimate development kit for engineers. We’ve made it easy for you to mix and match components to build your own Dream Dev Kit.

    Why are we doing this?

    We want you to show the electronics industry which technologies are important to you when choosing a Dev Kit for your next project.


    How can I create my DreamBoard?

    You can create your DreamBoard in 3 easy steps.   First, log in or register.  Next, design your Dream Dev Kit. Lastly, share your DreamBoard with your friends. Need ideas? Look at our DreamBoard Gallery! Start now!


    Why do I need to register or log in?

    You need to be an element14 community member to create your dreamboard.  Your Dreamboard will be featured in our public gallery and will be attributed to your member username.


    Can I share my DreamBoard on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn?

    Absolutely! We actively encourage you to share your DreamBoard with the world! Once you have created your DreamBoard use the share links in the top right corner of your personal DreamBoard page.  Encourage your friends to build their DreamBoard and then discuss who has the best design!


    Can I create more than one DreamBoard?

    Yes!  Create as many DreamBoards as you want!


    What can I customize on my DreamBoard?

    • Name your board
    • Add a description
    • Choose the board colour
    • Upload your own logo
    • Technical Options
      • Board size (L/M/S)
      • Processor
      • Core Architecture
      • Features
      • Memory
      • Interface & Connectivity
      • Sensors


    Why is the DreamBoard limited to select browsers?

    The DreamBoard application was created with the most up to date browsers in mind. If you find that your browser is incompatible, you can update your browser via Browsercheck - Update my browser.


    Any Questions?

    If you have any questions or issues creating your Dreamboard, please let us know by posting in the comments below.


    Build you own DreamBoard Today!