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    • MarS Board An Evaluation Board Based on NXP's i.MX 6Dual Processor with 9.7 inch LCD
    • MarS Board An Evaluation Board Based on NXP's i.MX 6Dual Processor with 9.7 inch LCD


    The MarS Board is a low-cost, highly-integrated controller board based on NXP’s i.MX6Dual ARM Cortex-A9 application processor which encompasses a dual-core platform running at up to 1 GHz with 1 MB of L2 cache and 64-bit DDR3 or 2-ch., 32-bit LPDDR2 support. Integrated FlexCAN, MLB busses, PCI Express® and SATA-2 provide excellent connectivity, while integrating LVDS, MIPI display port, MIPI camera port and HDMI v1.4, the i.MX 6Dual provides a scalable solution for consumer, automotive and industrial applications.

    The MarS Board has 4GB eMMC, 4*256MByte DDR3 SDRAM and 2MByte SPI Flash on board and features 4 USB Host and 1 USB OTG, 10M/100M/1Gbps Ethernet, TF card socket and three display ports on board (HDMI, RGB, LVDS). Extra peripheral signals have been brought out from a pair of 2.54mm space 2*20-pin board-to-board female connectors such as UARTs, CAN, SPI, I2C, PWM, etc.

    The MarS Board is a ready-to-run platform with ported Linux 3.0.15 or Android 4.0.4. Additionally, Embest provides a demo for uC/OS-II V2.92.05. It is an ideal core processing component for your end devices based on a single hardware design. This will greatly improve the efficiency and agility of design, shorten the development process, and accelerate the products to market.

    Embest also provides many add-on options for the MarS Board such as a USB WiFi module (Wi-Pi), a HDMI-to-VGA conversion module (Pi-View) and a 4.3 inch or 7 inch TFT LCD including touch screen. These modules have further extended the functions of the MarS Board.

    Key Applications: Consumer, Automotive and Industrial applications.


    The MarS Board is a compact controller board featuring the powerful i.MX 6Dual Application Processor. The hardware specifications for the MarS Board are the following:

    Mechanical Parameters

    • Working Temperature: 0°C 50°C
    • Humidity Range: 20% 90%
    • Dimensions: 65.46mm by 102.04mm
    • Input Voltage: 5V


    • ARM Cortex A9 MPCore™ 2xCPU Processor at 1GHz
    • 1 MB L2 cache
    • 32 KB instruction and data caches
    • NEON SIMD media accelerator
    • HD class 1080p encode/decode video engine
    • 2D 3D Hardware Graphics Accelerators (3 GPUs, 200Mtri/s)


    • 4GByte eMMC
    • 1GByte (4*256MByte) DDR3 SDRAM
    • 2MByte SPI FLASH

    Media Interfaces

    • LVDS interface
    • HDMI 1.4a interface
    • Parallel RGB interface

    Data Transfer Interfaces

    • USB Ports:
      • 1 x USB2.0 OTG, micro USB, high-speed, 480Mbps
      • 2 x USB2.0 HOST, Type A, high-speed, 480Mbps
      • 2 x USB2.0 HOST, 2.54mm pitch 10-pin connector, high-speed, 480Mbps
    • Serial Port: 1 x RS232 Debug serial port, micro USB connector
    • TF card interface
    • 10M/100M/1Gbps Ethernet Interface (RJ45 jack)


    • Boot mode configuration interface
    • 1 DC Jack
    • 1 Reset button
    • Expansion connectors (2.54mm 2*20-pin SMT Female Pin Header) bring out signals below:
      • AUDMUX (Digital Audio Multiplexer);
      • Two channel CAN;
      • ECSPI2 (Enhanced Configurable SPI);
      • Two channel I2C;
      • Camera/ Parallel, 8bit or 10bit;
      • KPP (Keypad Port);
      • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation);
      • GPMI (General Purpose Memory Interface);
      • SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface);
      • Four channel UARTs;
      • USDHC1 (Ultra Secured Digital Host Controller)
      • ESAI (Enhanced Serial Audio Interface)

    Ships With

    • One MarS Board
    • 9.7inch TFT LVDS(including touch screen)

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