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    • Demo Board for LTC2245 14-Bit, 10Msps Low Power 3V ADC
    • Demo Board for LTC2245 14-Bit, 10Msps Low Power 3V ADC
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    Demonstration circuit DC782A-E features LTC2245 14-Bit, 10Msps Low Power 3V ADC. The circuitry on the analog inputs is optimized for analog input frequencies below 70 MHz.

    The LTC2245 is a 14-bit 10Msps, low power 3V A/D converter designed for digitizing high frequency, wide dynamic range signals. The LTC2245 is perfect for demanding imaging and communications applications with AC performance that includes 74.4dB SNR and 90dB SFDR for signals well beyond the Nyquist frequency. DC specs include ±1LSB INL (typ), ±0.5LSB DNL (typ) and no missing codes over temperature. The transition noise is a low 1LSBRMS.

    Note : The DC782 demonstration circuit board should have the following jumper settings: JP1: SHDN: Ground, enables ADC core , JP2: OE: Ground, enables digital outputs , JP3: SENSE: Select VDD for the 2VPP input range SENSE: Select VCM for the 1VPP input range, JP4: MODE: Select VDD (For 2’s complement output format for PScope compatibility) and disables Clock Duty Cycle Stabilizer

    Key Applications: Wireless and Wired Broadband Communication, Imaging Systems, Spectral Analysis, Portable Instrumentation


    Features of LTC2245 ADC:

    • Sample Rate: 10Msps
    • Single 3V Supply (2.7V to 3.4V)
    • Low Power: 60mW
    • 74.4dB SNR
    • 90dB SFDR
    • No Missing Codes
    • Flexible Input: 1VP-P to 2VP-P Range
    • 575MHz Full Power Bandwidth S/H
    • Clock Duty Cycle Stabilizer
    • Shutdown and Nap Modes

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