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    • Evaluation Board for NCL30082 - Flyback 10 W / 500 mA Current Mode Controller
    • Evaluation Board for NCL30082 - Flyback 10 W / 500 mA Current Mode Controller


    The NCL30082 is a PWM current mode controller targeting isolated flyback and non-isolated constant current topologies. The controller operates in a quasi-resonant mode to provide high efficiency. Thanks to a novel control method, the device is able to precisely regulate a constant LED current from the primary side.

    This removes the need for secondary side feedback circuitry, biasing and an optocoupler. The device is highly integrated with a minimum number of external components. A robust suite of safety protection is built in to simplify the design. The device supports analog/digital dimming and thermal foldback. While the NCL30082 has integrated fixed overvoltage protection, the designer has the option to program a lower OVP level.

    Key Applications: Integral LED Drive Electronics


    Features of NCL30082:

    • Quasi−resonant Peak Current−mode Control Operation
    • Primary Side Sensing (no optocoupler needed)
    • Wide VCC Range
    • Source 300 mA / Sink 500 mA Totem Pole Driver with 12 V Gate Clamp
    • Precise LED Constant Current Regulation ±1% Typical
    • Line Feed−forward for Enhanced Regulation Accuracy
    • Low LED Current Ripple
    • 250 mV ±2% Guaranteed Voltage Reference for Current Regulation
    • ~0.9 Power Factor with Valley Fill Input Stage
    • Low Start−up Current (13 A typ.)
    • Analog or Digital Dimming
    • Thermal Fold−back
    • Wide Temperature Range of −40 to 125°C
    • Pb−Free, Halide−Free MSL1 Product
    • Robust Protection Features
    • Over Voltage / LED Open Circuit Protection
    • Over Temperature Protection
    • Secondary Diode Short Protection
    • Output Short Circuit Protection
    • Shorted Current Sense Pin Fault Detection
    • Latched and Auto−recoverable Versions
    • Brown−out
    • VCC Under Voltage Lockout
    • Thermal Shutdown
    • These Devices are Pb−Free and Halogen Free/BFR Free

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    • Evaluation Board

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