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    • MCP73213 OVP Dual Cell Li-Ion Battery Charger Evaluation Board
    • MCP73213 OVP Dual Cell Li-Ion Battery Charger Evaluation Board


    The MCP73213 OVP Dual-Cell Li-Ion Battery Charger Evaluation Board demonstrates the features of Microchip’s MCP73213 Dual-Cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Battery Charge Management Controller with Input Overvoltage Protection.

    The board is designed with two charging currents. The default value is 500 mA and when PROG via is tied to ground, the two parallel resistors output 1000 mA charging current to a Li-Ion battery. One blue LED status output allows the user to learn if the MCP73213 is in charging state or not. The board comes with an installed MCP73213 device in the 3mmx3mm DFN package. The factory preset battery regulation voltage is 8.40V with 10% precondition current, 10% termination current set point, automatic recharge and 6.5V OVP threshold voltage.

    The MCP73213 product family is highly integrated linear charge management controllers for dual-cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries. The MCP73213 product family operates with minimum external components, which is ideal for use in space-limited and cost-effective applications. The maximum 18V rated input over voltage protection and battery short circuit protection offer designers a secondary protection in addition to the Li-Ion battery protection circuit. The board is designed to observe the performance and features on the circuits via multiple test points. Circuits can also be implemented into suitable applications without additional work.

    Key Applications: Digital Camcorders, Portable Media Players, Ultra Mobile Personal Computers, Netbook Computers, Handheld Devices, Walkie-Talkie, Low-Cost 2-Cell Li-Ion/Li-Poly Chargers/Cradles.


    • 13V Input Overvoltage Protection
    • 10% Preconditioning of deeply depleted cells
    • 32-Minute Preconditioning Timer
    • 6-Hour Safety Timer
    • 10% Automatic Charge Termination
    • 500 mA and 1000 mA Preset Fast Charge Current
    • Automatic Recharge
    • Thermal Regulation
    • One Blue LED indicates charge status
    • Small DFN packages with Exposed Pad as additional heat sink

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