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    120-Pin Probing Board for EZ Board
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    The Analog 120-Pin Probing Board is a separately sold extender board that plugs onto the ADSP-CM403F and ADSP-CM408F EZ-KIT Lite® evaluation systems. The extender board aids the design and prototyping phases of processor-targeted applications.

    The board extends the capabilities of the evaluation system by providing a point for probing any signal of the 120-pin asynchronous bus and PWM expansion interface connectors.


    • Two 120-pin connectors:
      • Samtec QSH-060-01-F-D-A
      • Samtec QTH-060-01-F-D-A
    • Four probing headers
      • Samtec TSW-115-07-L-D
    • Eight GND headers
      • FCI 90726-402HLF

    Ships With

    • Probing Board

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