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    MPLAB PM3 Socket Module for 28/44L QFN


    The AC164322 MPLAB PM3 Socket Module allows programming of 28/44L QFN packages.

    The MPLAB PM3 Universal Device Programmer is easy to use and operates with a PC or as a stand-alone unit, and programs Microchip's entire line of PICmicro®devices as well as the latest dsPIC30F DSC devices. The MPLAB PM3 features a large and bright LCD unit (128x64 pixels) to display easy menus, programming statistics and status information.

    The MPLAB PM3 programmer has exceptional programming speed to allow high production throughput, especially important for large memory devices, and includes a Secure Digital/Multimedia Card slot for easy and secure data storage and transfer.


    • Socket Module for the MPLAB PM3 Programmer
    • Supports 28/44L Packages

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    • Socket Module

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