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    • MCP9800 Temperature Sensor Demo Board
    • MCP9800 Temperature Sensor Demo Board


    The MCP9800 Temperature Sensor Demo Board (MCP9800DM-TS1) demonstrates the sensor’s features. Users can connect the demo board to a PC with USB interface and evaluate the sensor performance. The 7-Segment LED displays temperature in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit; the temperature alert feature can be set by the users using an on board potentiometer. An alert LED is used to indicate an over temperature condition. In addition, temperature can be data logged using the Microchip Thermal Management Software Graphical User Interface (GUI). The sensor registers can also be programmed using the GUI.

    The MCP9800 is a digital temperature sensor capable of reading temperatures from -55°C to +125°C. Temperature data is measured from an integrated temperature sensor and converted to digital word with a user selectable 9 to 12-bit Sigma Delta Analog to Digital Converter. The MCP9800 notifies the host controller when the ambient temperature exceeds a user programmed set point. The ALERT output is programmable as either a simple comparator for thermostat operation or as a temperature event interrupt. Communication with the sensor is accomplished via a two-wire bus that is compatible with industry standard protocols.

    Applications: Personal Computers and Servers, Hard Disk Drives and Other PC Peripherals, Entertainment Systems, Office Equipment, Data Communication Equipment, Mobile Phones, General Purpose Temperature Monitoring



    • MCP9800 Temperature Sensor
    • Temperature display with 7-Segment LED
    • PC interface with USB
    • Graphical User Interface for temperature datalog and sensor configuration

    Ships With

    • MCP9800 Temperature Sensor Demo Board
    • Microchip Thermal Management Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    • Analog and Interface Products Demonstration Boards CD-ROM (DS21912)
      • MCP9800 Temperature Sensor Demo Board User’s Guide (DS51758)
      • MCP9800/1/2/3 Data Sheet, “2-Wire High-Accuracy Temperature Sensor“, (DS21909)

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