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    • Load sharing system power path management that support charging single cell Li-Ion battery and system load at the same time without affecting charging algorithm of Microchip’s stand-alone charge management controllers.
    • The system load is supported by Li-Ion battery when input power source is removed
    • Blue LED indicates charge status
    • Additional Red LED to indicate Power-Good (~PG) and Green LED to indicate charge complete (Available from MCP73833)
    • Dip Switch to select programmable fast charge current between1000 mA (H) and 50 mA (L) for MCP73833 and 400 mA (H) and 25 mA (L) for MCP73832
    • Available THERM pin on the MCP73833 for temperature monitoring with a thermister. It is disabled by default and can be enabled to use with NTC thermister.
    • Preconditioning of deeply depleted cells.
    • Internal Safety Timer (available from MCP73833)
    • Automatic Charge Termination
    • Automatic Recharge
    • Thermal Regulation
    • Small DFN packages with Exposed Pad as additional heat sink.

    The Li-Ion Battery Charger System Power Path Management Reference Design (MCP7383XRD-PPM) demonstrates Microchip's stand-alone Linear Li-Ion Battery Chargers - MCP73832 and MCP73833 while allowing input power source to operate the system load. The system load can also be supported by the Li-Ion battery when input power is disconnected. A number of device options allow the MCP73832 and the MCP73833 to be utilized in a variety of applications.

    There are two independent circuits on the reference design. First circuit is designed with MCP73832, which allows maximum programmable fast charge current up to 500 mA. The second circuit is designed with MCP73833, which allows maximum programmable fast charge current up to 1A and has a power good indicator and an additional status output. Two preset values of fast charge current are available for each circuit by a SPDT dip on the board for users to experience different speed. Both circuits come with load sharing system power path management feature. This feature allows a DC Power Source to support system load while charging a Li-Ion battery. When the DC Power Source is absent, the Li-I on battery will support system load and stop charging. The Li-Ion Battery Charger System Power Path Management Reference Design is designed to observe the performance and features on the circuits via multiple test points. Circuits can also be implemented into suitable applications without additional work.

    Portable electronics has played an important role in modern era. Due to the natural characteristics of Li-Ion / Li-Polymer batteries, they are the most popular power sources for mobile devices. However, extra care in design is always important to implement Li-Ion / Li-Polymer batteries. System Power Path Management allows end-users to charge their batteries without interruption. This reference design is developed to assist product designers in reducing product design cycle and time by utilizing Microchip’s favourite stand-alone Li-Ion battery charge management controllers with system power path management.

    Applications: Smart Phones, PDA, Portable Media Players, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, Handheld Medical devices, Bluetooth headsets, Ultra-Mobile PC and Portable Communicators

    • Li-Ion Battery Charger System Power Path Management Reference Design, 102-00120
    • Analog and Interface Products Demonstration Boards CD-ROM (DS21912)
      • Li-Ion System PPM Reference Design, DS51746
      • MCP73833 Data Sheet,“Miniature Single-Cell, Fully Integrated Li-Ion, Li-Polymer Charge Management Controllers”, DS21984
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    Schematics / Layout filesMCP7383X Li-Ion System PPM Reference Design Gerbers (.zip)