Version 13
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    • Integrated System Load Sharing
    • Voltage Proportional Current Control (VPCC) Input voltage: 5.5V with ±0.5V tolerance (additional information available in the MCP73871 Data Sheet)
    • Input Current Limit Control hardware selected (typical 1650 mA, USB-High maximum 500 mA, and USB-Low maximum 100 mA)
    • Three LEDs to indicate charge status, low battery and power good signal
    • Preset Li-Ion battery charge voltage: 4.2V ± 0.5%
    • Temperature monitoring is disabled by default, but can be enabled to use with a NTC thermister (tied at TP6 and TP7 and removing R6)
    • Factory preset 0.1C preconditioning current of deeply depleted cells
    • Factory preset Safety Timer with Timer Enable feature (by S1 switch)
    • Constant Current/Constant Voltage (CC/CV) charge algorithm
    • Resistor programmed maximum charge current (RPROG1): 1A
    • Resistor programmed termination set point (RPROG3): 100 mA
    • Automatic Charge Termination
    • Automatic Recharge
    • Internal Thermal Regulation
    • Exposed Pad with extra via underneath for better heat dissipations

    The MCP73871 Demo Board with Voltage Proportional Current Control (MCP73871DM-VPCC) is designed to demonstrate Microchip's stand-alone linear Li-Ion battery charger with system power path and load sharing management control solution. The MCP73871 integrates the required elements to meet design challenges when developing new Li-Ion/Li-Polymer batteries powered products.

    The MCP73871 Demo Board with Voltage Proportional Current Control is designed to deliver minimum 1.5A total current to system load and to a single cell Li-Ion battery at 4.2V preset voltage regulation (4.1V, 4.35V and 4.4V options are also available for MCP73871). The board has a dip switch helping to decides the input power source between AC-DC wall adapter and USB port (AC/USB) and control input current limits, enable charge timer and enable charging.

    The MCP73871 Demo Board with Voltage Proportional Current Control comes with a factory preset low-battery indicator (LBO) when input is absent. The preset value is 3.2V and STAT1 LED (green) with turn ON if the battery voltage is below the threshold voltage.

    Applications: GPSs/Navigators, PDAs and Smart Phones, Portable Media Players and MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, Bluetooth Headsets, Portable Medical Devices, Charge Cradles/Docking Stations, Toys

    • One MCP73871 Demo Board with Voltage Proportional Current Control, 102-00244
    • Important Information "Read First"
    Schematics / Layout filesMCP73871 Demo Board with VPCC Gerbers (.zip)