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    Janis Alnis
    Project: Air Quality Monitoring In School Classes

    Carbon dioxide in air makes people feel tired: ventilation in Latvian schools is a problem, especially in winter as there is no active ventilation.

    There are 8-9 classes per day and students get very tired in the afternoon. One could monitor how air changes throughout the day.

    One could analyse if classes requiring active thinking (during math test) use more oxygen and produce more CO2.

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    Dominic Amann
    Project: Automated Greenhouse Climate Control

    I will create an automated climate control system for a greenhouse. The glass house would be heated by solar, augmented by geothermal, with computer control of the circulation system. The greenhouse would use the Beaglebone as the primary controller to bring together sensing information about temperature, humidity, soil moisture, soil chemistry etc. This information can be used to drive sprinkler systems and control temperatures to provide an ideal growing environment for chosen food crops. Actuators could open and close air vents, and draw over shades as necessary.

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    Ravi Butani
    Project: Healthier Living with IoT

    I am designing an IoT based system using Beaglebone Black and CC3200 Launchpad as main processing part for sensing and controlling Air quality and water quality for Breath Easily and Healthier Living by means of controlling Air-condition, Ventilators and Exhaust Fan using real time Air Quality data of indoor and outdoor environment. The system also monitors TDS level of drinking water in home.

    All the real time data will be available online from AirVantage M2M cloud by mihini running on Beaglebone Black.

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    Christever del Rosario
    New Zealand
    Project: Carbon Footprint Monitoring System

    I will build a realtime carbon footprint monitoring system using IoT technology. Using this system, the user will be informed of the current carbon footprint on a daily basis, provide suggestion on how to reduce this footprint and trigger warnings should "daily allowances" are reaching pre-defined thresholds.  Along with this goal, the system is to keep a healthier and safer dwelling.

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    Ambrogio Galbusera
    Project: Distributed Network of Air Quality Sensors

    I will make a sensor that can be installed on cars, but in the future handlebar-mounted and armband versions of the sensor can be designed.

    The sensor is battery-free and harvest energy from car radiator heat by means of a Peltier cell. Data is transferred to a smartphone through a Bluetooth Low Energy link. The smartphone internet connectivity is leveraged to push data to a cloud service.

    Data from all the installed sensors can be analyzed at home thanks to a plugin that will be developed as part of this project.

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    Dragan Knezevic
    Project: Pollen & Allergen Sensor

    My idea is to make a system that would enable users with allergies to be aware of pollen, dust and other allergen levels in the outside air and to isolate living space from the outside. This could be done by alerting users to close all windows (or to even close windows automatically if supported - like with Velux windows) and turn ventilation with pollen filters on or automatically start the indoor air-purifier device. This system would be extendable with possibility to detect other kinds of outside air pollution and providing alerts.

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    Crystal Knodel
    United States
    Project: Portable Air Quality Monitor

    The goal is to design a small, portable, battery operated device that could be deployed by the user in any space office or home space. IoT connectivity to the cloud will allow for room by room tracking of environmental parameters and data logging. Indoor air quality will then be compared outdoor air quality in the cloud.

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    Ryan Longlong M. Labutap
    Project: Low Cost Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring

    Harmful Algal Bloom describes coastal phenomenon where high algal biomass or concentration of algae is detected with effects including depleted dissolved oxygen and discoloration in bodies of water. Numerous HAB monitoring methodology have already been established from traditional method of water sampling then conducting test on water samples in the laboratory, to modern sophisticated method such as satellite imaging. In the Philippines, the common method is still water sampling and testing in laboratory which wastes so much time for information/advisories to be accessible to public. Modern methods are not considered due to very high cost that can range up to millions of dollars. This project aims to address these problems.

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    Manolis Nikiforakis
    Project: Air ex Machina

    My project is to create a compact, solid, battery powered weather & air quality station based on CC3200 with the following sensors :

    • Rain drops sensor (basic accuracy for low/high precipitation)
    • Temperature/Humidity Sensor (DHT22)
    • Grove - Air quality sensor
    • NO2/CO Sensor (MICS-4514)
    • Particle sensor (for dust or pollen)
    • Ozone (O3) Sensor
    • Volatile Organics (VoC) Sensor

    The above system will be power by batteries, and will require a cleverly designed box to keep the electronics dry, but expose the sensors to the elements, as this box will be placed on my flat’s balcony.

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    Inderpreet Singh
    Project: Firecracker Aftermath Analyzer

    An air pollution analyzer will be designed. It will have sensors for the following:

    1. Air Temperature
    2. NO2 Levels
    3. Single Sensor for carbon monixide, alcohol, acetone, thinner, formaldehyde
    4. Particulate levels in the air
    5. Humidity
    6. Carbon Monoxide
    7. O2
    8. Sulphur based gases
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    Gan Eng Swee
    Project: Dust, Temperature And Humidity Monitor

    In Singapore there is a yearly haze: this smoke comes from burning plantations. It will be very useful for the user and public to have a monitor of the dust, temperature and humidity to monitor its effects.

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    Anshul Thakur
    Project: Pollution Effect Minimiser

    In my project I will be monitoring and controlling a lot of sensors and actuators to minimise the effect of pollution: noise, water, light, & air.

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    Frederick Vandenbosch
    Project: Self Powered Sensor Nodes

    My project idea for this challenge is one of wireless, self-powered sensor nodes reporting to a central unit which can, if needed, trigger air filtering systems in specific rooms/areas.

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    Dale Winhold
    Project: Portable Environment Field Tester

    I will create a Portable Environment Field Tester. This can be used by outdoor enthusiasts, researchers, campers, hunters or anyone who spends time outdoors. The chances of getting lost is not very great, but running out of water, getting bad weather, being in an area with bad air quality or falling in contaminated mud or dirt is greater.

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    Michael Wylie
    United States
    Project: Particle Counting System

    I will design a particle counting system that can be embedded into HVAC units. This sensor can be interfaced through an IoT enabled device and the resulting particle counts can be used to control how a smart home responds to airborne particulates. More importantly, the particle counter can be used as a Particulate Matter (PM) sensor. The PM10 and PM2.5 levels are globally used as the Air Quality Index (AQI).

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