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    • CAP1188 Evaluation Kit
    • CAP1188 Evaluation Kit


    The CAP1188 evaluation kit (DM160222) provides an easy platform for evaluating and developing a variety of capacitive touch sense applications using CAP11XX family. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows the user to analyze data and configure the capacitive touch controller as well as the LED drivers. A second connector allows engineer to connect their own board with CAP1XXX controller and communicate with the GUI. The CAP1188 evaluation board contains the largest, full- featured version of the CAP11xx family. The other devices in this family are the CAP1166, CAP1128, CAP1126, CAP1133, and CAP1106.

    The CAP1188 is a turnkey capacitive touch controller providing a wide variety of button and proximity functionality, and making it easy for designers to add aesthetically pleasing, low-cost and robust touch interfaces. The CAP1188 also contains 8 LED drivers that offer full-on / off, variable rate blinking, dimness controls, and breathing. Each of the LED drivers may be linked to one of the sensor inputs to be actuated when a touch is detected. As well, each LED driver may be individually controlled via a host controller.

    Applications: Desktop and Notebook PCs, LCD Monitors, Consumer Electronics, Appliances


    • CAP1188 8 Channel Capacitive Touch Sensor with 8 LED Drivers
      • 8 Capacitive Touch Sensor Inputs
      • 8 LED Driver Outputs
      • Programmable sensitivity
      • Automatic recalibration
      • Individual thresholds for each button
      • Proximity Detection
      • Multiple Button Pattern Detection
      • Analog Filtering for System Noise Sources
      • Press and Hold feature for Volume-like Applications
      • Low Power Operation
      • I²C and SMBus Communication
    • USB power and communication
    • Proximity sensing
    • LEDs


    Ships With

    • CAP1188 Evaluation board
    • USB cable
    • CD with GUI and documentation

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