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    MCP4725 PICTail Plus Daughter Board


    This daughter board demonstrates the MCP4725 (12 bit DAC with non-volatile memory) features using the Explorer 16 Development Board and the PICkitTM Serial Analyzer.

    Supported Operating Systems:

    • MPLAB® IDE
    • MPLAB C30
    • MPLAB ICD 2
    • PICkit Serial Analyzer GUI

    Other Requirements:

    • PIC Explorer 16 Demo Board
    • PICkit Serial Analyzer


    • Experimenting with the MCP4725 features in PIC 24 environment.
    • Experimenting with the MCP4725 features using PICkit Serial Analyzer
    • MCU (PIC24FJ128) firmware examples to write the MCP4725 DAC Register and EEPROM
    • Step by step examples on using the PICkit Serial Analyzer
    • Programming the MCP4725 DAC and EEPROM registers using the PIC Explore 16 demo board and PICkit Serial Analyzer.

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    • Daughter Board

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