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    Demo Board for MCP6SX2 - PGA Photodiode PICtail


    The MCP6SX2 PGA Photodiode PICtail™ Demo Board features a PNZ334 photodiode, MCP6001U op amp, and MCP6S22 and MCP6S92 Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGA).

    The op amp converts the photodiode’s output current to voltage (transimpedance amplifier). Its output goes to one of the PGA’s inputs. The other PGA input is available for any other desired source. This opens the possibilities of processing other sensor signals, and of increasing the number of PIC® microcontroller I/O pin available for other purposes.

    This board works with the PICkit™ 1 Flash Starter Kit (see DS40051) and the Signal Analysis PICtail™ Daughter Board (see DS51476). With these additional tools, a complete solution is achieved: PC software interface, PICmicro® microcontroller, firmware programmability, 10-bit ADC (on the microcontroller), and firmware (with re-locatable assembler code) for the microcontroller.


    • On-Board photodiode


    • Buffers the transimpedance amplifier’s output
    • Provides multiple gains
    • Provides an additional input
    • On-board transimpedance amplifier

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    • Demo Board

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