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    PiFace RELAY EXTRA is an expander board to the PiFace RELAY adding four more relay outputs to the already existing four on the PiFace RELAY. Each of the eight relays can be software controlled to switch up to 2Amp DC loads and has normally open and closed contacts terminated into quality screw terminals.

    PiFace™ Relay EXTRA plugs into the EXTRA port on PiFace™ Relay Plus and is controlled by the same library and command structure. Alternatively you can plug PiFace™ Relay EXTRA straight into a breadboard and control the relays directly.

    Note : PIFACE RELAY EXTRA requires PIFACE RELAY board to work your Raspberry Pi.

    Specific Applications: Robotics, Motor control, Home automation


    • 4 onboard relays
    • 4 indicator LEDs
    • 4 GPIO
    • Easy to use software
    • Easy connection with screw terminals
    • Compact size
    • Raspberry Pi® HAT footprint when used with PiFace™ Relay
    • Can be used directly in breadboards, prototyping and custom designs
    • 4 changeover relays, 20V 1A switching max
    • 4 GPIO
    • Standard 0.1” pin spacing (breadboard & veroboard compatible)

    Ships With

    • PiFace Relay Extra (Board)

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