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    • Evaluation Module for ADS1278 - Delta-Sigma ADC
    • Evaluation Module for ADS1278 - Delta-Sigma ADC


    The ADS1278EVM-PDK is a complete evaluation/demonstration kit, which combines ADS1278EVM with the DSP-based MMB0 board as a motherboard. The mother board and the ADCPro™ evaluation software are supplied for use with a personal computer running Microsoft™ Windows operating system. This combination of boards allows the complete evaluation of the ADS1278 device.

    Based on the single-channel ADS1271, the ADS1274 (quad) and ADS1278 (octal) are 24-bit, delta-sigma (ΔΣ) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with data rates up to 144k samples per second (SPS), allowing simultaneous sampling of four or eight channels. The devices are offered in identical packages, permitting drop-in expandability.


    • Vibration/Modal Analysis
    • Multi-Channel Data Acquisition
    • Acoustics/Dynamic Strain Gauges
    • Pressure Sensors


    • Easy-to-use evaluation software for Microsoft™ Windows XP and Windows 7
    • Built-in analysis tools including scope, FFT, and histogram displays
    • Data collection to text files
    • Complete control of board settings
    • Easily expandable with new analysis plug in tools from Texas Instruments

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