Version 15
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    Features of AD7150:

    • Ultra-low power 2.7 V to 3.6 V, 100 μA
    • Response time: 10 ms
    • Adaptive environmental compensation
    • 2 independent capacitance input channels
      • Sensor capacitance (CSENS) 0 pF up to 13 pF
      • Sensitivity to 1 fF
    • EMC tested
    • 2 modes of operation
      • Standalone with fixed settings
      • Interfaced to a microcontroller for user-defined settings
    • 2 proximity detection output flags
    • 2-wire serial interface (I2C compatible)
    • Operating temperature −40°C to +85°C

    The AD7150 evaluation kit is a powerful tool for exploring and evaluating the AD7150 features at many different levels. The evaluation board can be operated in standalone mode (either battery-powered or with external power supply) or connected to a PC via a standard USB interface. The PC software allows the graphical display of real-time data, modification of the AD7150 internal settings, and generally assists in understanding the part features and performance.

    The flexible interface structure of the evaluation board allows it to be connected in several useful configurations. For example, the digital section of the evaluation board can be used independently as a convenient digital interface for a user’s own sensor design PCB or as a module containing the AD7150. Alternatively, an external microcontroller can be interfaced to the AD7150. Therefore, the evaluation board can act as a complete analog front end for creating and debugging software on the user’s own digital platform.

    Applications: Proximity sensing, Contactless switching, Position detection, Level detection

    Design PackageAD7150 Evaluation Software (.zip)