Version 13
    Texas Instruments > Power Management > Linear Regulator >
    • Wide Input Voltage Range: TPS7A4901 (3.0V to 36V), TPS7A3001 (-3.0V to -36V)
    • 1.5% Accuracy Over Line/Load/Temperature
    • Stable with >2µF Ceramic Output Capacitor
    • Low Noise/High PSRR
    • Programmable Soft Start

    The Texas Instruments TPS7A30-49EVM-567 EVM helps designers evaluate the operation and performance of the TPS7A3001 and/or the TPS7A4901 LDO regulator for possible use in their circuit applications. This particular EVM configuration is preconfigured to output – 15 Vdc and +15 Vdc.

    Alternatively, each LDO channel can be adjusted individually to any output voltage between 1.2 V and 33 V (negative and positive, respectively) as required by only changing a resistor value in accordance with the given equation. The TPS7A3001 can supply up to 200-mA-rated load current and the TPS7A4901 can supply up to 150 mA each using the MSOP-8, PowerPAD ™ package. Both circuits have been optimized for ac performance including PSRR and load transient response using capacitors rated over the full voltage range of each regulator.

    Applications: Industrial applications, e.g., Requiring positive and negative voltages to power an operational amplifier-based, signal-conditioning circuitry.