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    • Routingcard for 64-pin megaAVR in TQFP and QFN socket (RC09)
    • Routingcard for 64-pin megaAVR in TQFP and QFN socket (RC09)


    The ATSTK600-RC09 Routingcard for 64-pin megaAVR in TQFP and QFN socket.

    The STK600 starter kit has a sandwich design to match a specific part package and pin out to the generic pin headers. It also features an expansion area where most part pins are available. While the variety of IC packages is relatively limited, the number of possible pinouts increases rapidly with the number of pins. The routing / socket card design provides a lowcost solution to support upcoming devices as the socket is the cost driving factor.

    The routing cards sit between the generic socket card and the STK600. It has one pair of electric pads underneath to mate with the STK600 spring loaded connector, and one pair of pads on top where the socket card connector connects. A part specific card with the target IC soldered on can be viewed as a routing card without the top pads.

    Note : The Routing card requires a Socket card and an STK600 motherboard to support the selected device.


    • Supported Devices
      • AT90CAN128
      • AT90CAN32
      • AT90CAN64
      • ATmega1281
      • ATmega128A
      • ATmega2561
      • ATmega64A

    Ships With

    • Routing card

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