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    The Cyclone MAX is a powerful, cost-effective in-circuit programmer for NXP's Kinetis, Qorivva MPC5xxx, ColdFire V2/3/4, Power MPC5xx/8xx, DSC (MC56F80xx, MC56F82xx, MC56F83xx, and MC56F84xx), and MAC7xxx ARM® processor-based MCUs. The Cyclone is able to control a processor using the processor’s debug port. Communication occurs via Ethernet, USB, or Serial Port, allowing the user to quickly debug code and program it onto a microprocessor. Once the Cyclone is configured, programming operations are completed in one touch.

    The Cyclone’s flexibility and intuitive software allows for a seamless transition between development and production environments. The Cyclone and the target being debugged may be local to the PC or remotely connected via Ethernet. Multiple Cyclones on your network can easily be detected and controlled from the same PC. In addition, the Cyclone MAX has been specifically designed with features like voltage protection technology in order to withstand the rigors of a production environment.


    • Production Programming
    • Development/Prototyping
    • Testing
    • Field Maintenance


    • Supports:ColdFire (5xxx), Power Architecture(MPC5xx/8xx), Qorivva (MPC55xx/56xx), Kinetis ARM andARM (MAC7xxx) microcontrollers.
    • Communications: USB, Serial, and Ethernet interfaces.
    • Storage: The Cyclone Max may be pre-programmed with a non-volatile programming image and controlled via the LCD/Buttons or remotely from a PC. Multiple images may be stored in the Cyclone Max. Stand alone programming operation does not require a PC.
    • Display: The backlit liquid crystal display, in conjunction with the buttons, allows stand alone control and configuration of the Cyclone Max.
    • Software: Includes highly intuitive configuration software, as well as easy to use automated control software. Interactive programming software is also included. Supported by development software from P&E, NXP, and other third party vendors.
    • Cables: Ships with Power Supply, DB9 Serial Cable, Ethernet Cable, USB 2.0 A/B Cable, as well as target connection cables for: Synchronous Coldfire, Asynchronous ColdFire, Power Architecture 5xx/8xx, Power Architecture 55xx, and ARM microcontrollers.
    • Target Interface: Autodetects target voltage 1.8v-5.25v.

    Ships With

    • CycloneMax Programmer
    • Cables (Power Supply, DB9 Serial Cable, Ethernet Cable, USB 2.0 A/B Cable)

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