Version 11
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    • 2.0 to 7V supply voltage range.
    • Single supply operation up to 7V.
    • Low current sleep mode reduces current consumption to <95nA.
    • Access to output signals through Kelvin contact for easy evaluation.
    • Jumper for switching between MCU or manual operation.
    • LP2985-50 5V regulator supplies high logic level for inputs in manual operation mode, no additional supply required.

    The DRV8836 evaluation module (EVM) demonstrates the capabilities and performance of the DRV8836 motor driver from Texas Instruments. User can control the DRV8836 with an external microcontroller via signal header connectors or use on-board switches for stand-alone operation.

    The DRV8836 device has two H-bridge drivers, and can drive two DC motors or one stepper motor, as well as other devices like solenoids. The output driver block for each consists of N-channel power MOSFET’s configured as an H-bridge to drive the motor winding. An internal charge pump generates needed gate drive voltages.

    Applications: The DRV8836 provides an integrated motor driver solution for cameras, consumer products, toys, and other low-voltage or battery-powered motion control applications.