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    • USB to SPI Interface Board featuring the MC68HC908JW32 MCU configured as a USB Dongle
    • USB to SPI Interface Board featuring the MC68HC908JW32 MCU configured as a USB Dongle


    The KITUSBSPIDGLEVME interface board provides a USB-to-SPI interface that features the MC68HC908JW32 with Dongle. It is a working hardware/software example that allows a user to become familiar with the MC68HC908JW32 microcontroller by means of an actual useful application, a USB-to-SPI and USB-to-parallel converter. The main function provided by this kit is to allow a PC, that may not have a parallel port, to communicate with other NXP Evaluation Kits, via a USB port. The USB port is a standard feature on almost every new PC. This kit makes use of the MC68HC908JW32’s built-in USB, SPI and parallel ports.

    NXP analog ICs are manufactured using the SMARTMOS process, a combinational BiCMOS manufacturing flow that integrates precision analog, power functions and dense CMOS logic together on a single cost-effective die.

    Applications: Engineering development for the MC68HC908JW32 as well as SPI-based analog products, Diagnostics and testing, Device Evaluation


    • USB to SPI converter
    • USB to parallel converter
    • Reprogramming capability for the MC68HC908JW32, through the USB port, using SPIGen v7.0 or later or through the on-board MON08 connector port.
    • Uses NXP's PC based SPIGen software
    • MC68HC908JW32 MCU is available with a variety of memory sizes and types, modules and package types
    • PCB contains a USB type A connector (male) and a USB type B connector (female)

    Ships With

    • Assembled and tested interface board/module in anti-static bag
    • Six-foot USB 2.0 A-M to B-M cable
    • Six-inch 16-pin ribbon cable assy, 0.100" pitch
    • Warranty card
    • CD-ROM containing:
      • Supporting Documentation for featured device
      • Schematic of evaluation board
      • Bill-of-Material for evaluation board
      • Instruction sheet for evaluation board
      • Software and configuration files (if applicable)

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