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    • Easily evaluate and demonstrate sensor functionality
    • Unified architecture with the same GUI software
    • Plug and play
    • Flexible with a variety of boards that fit together
    • Can quickly demonstrate all sensor types

    The KITMPR121EVM evaluation kit is part of the Sensor Toolbox collection. It allows a user to observe the basic functionality of the device through a couple of demo's including a 12-key pad board and one electrode to one LED board. In addition, a more detailed evaluation mode teaches the user to configure the part and allows for quick changes to settings.

    The MPR121 is the second generation sensor controller after the initial release of the MPR03x series devices. The MPR121 will feature increased internal intelligence in addition to NXP’s second generation capacitance detection engine. Some of the major additions include an increased electrode count, a hardware configurable I2C address, an expanded filtering system with debounce, and completely independent electrodes with autoconfiguration built in. The device also features a 13th simulated electrode that represents the simultaneous charging of all the electrodes connected together to allow for increased proximity detection in a touch panel or touch screen array.

    Applications: PC Peripherals, MP3 Players, Remote Controls, Mobile Phones, Lighting Controls

    • MPR121 interface board
    • MPR121 development board
    • 6–electrode Bboard with 6 LEDs
    • USB cable
    • Quick start guide
    Schematics / Layout filesKITMPR121EVM Schematics (.pdf)  
    Design PackageSensor Toolbox Installer (.exe)