Version 23
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    • Compatible with Raspberry Pi B and A onwards (with 40-pin extended GPIO, and no P5 connector)
    • Analogue line-level output and input
    • Digital stereo audio input and output (SPDIF)
    • High quality headphone output, with microphone facility (for headphones with boom microphone)
    • Onboard stereo digital microphones based on MEMS technology
    • Ability to render High Definition (HD) Audio
    • Arrives bundled with five High Definition (HD) audio files to demonstrate the systems capability.
    • Onboard power amplifier for directly driving loudspeakers. (Requires headers to be fitted)
    • Expansion header to allow connection to host boards other than Raspberry Pi.
    • Back power protection, allows Raspberry Pi to be powered from the Cirrus Logic Audio card, allowing for convenient set up.
    • New universal software support for both this card, and the former Wolfson Audio Card.

    The Cirrus Logic Audio Card brings all the features found on the previous version of this card from Wolfson Microelectronics to the Raspberry Pi A plus and B plus model. It offers a similar flexibility to a PC soundcard to capture audio alongside their camera, and experiment with stereo digital capture and playback.

    This Audio Card requires a patch set to be downloaded to the raspberry Pi operating system or use the element14 pre-built Noobs image from element14 which includes the pre-installed Cirrus Logic Audio Card drivers.

    Early in 2014, Cirrus Logic acquired Wolfson Microelectronics, and Raspberry Pi released the new 40-pin GPIO featured, for example featured on models B and A . In addition to the new GPIO configuration, the 8-pin P5 connector was also dropped, allowing for an altogether easier interconnect experience for accessories. The Cirrus Logic Audio card is therefore a replacement for the Wolfson Audio Card, and addresses the need for a high quality audio solution for 40-pin versions of Raspberry Pi. It contains the same core silicon and therefore has the same high performance as its predecessor, but has been improved in a number of ways.

    Important Note: Please be aware that the Cirrus Logic Audio Card is only compatible with Raspberry Pi A plus and B plus. It cannot be used on Raspberry Pi Models A or B.

    Board Support PackageSoftware Download (.zip)

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