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    • Evaluation Board for Standard RS-485 Half-Duplex
    • Evaluation Board for Standard RS-485 Half-Duplex


    The EVAL-RS485HDEBZ allows quick and easy evaluation of half-duplex RS-485 transceivers with standard 8-lead SOIC footprints. The evaluation board allows interfacing via screw terminal block to digital I/O for driver input (DI), receiver output (RO), driver enable (DE) and receiver output (RO).

    Bus signals A and B (half-duplex bus) can be connected to a bus screw terminal block. One or two termination resistors can be connected to A and B via jumper settings, in order to evaluation the half-duplex RS-485 driver and receiver. Footprints are provided for pull-up and pull-down (biasing resistors) on the bus.


    Key Applications: Full- and half-duplex RS-485 transceiver evaluation

    Note: Devices for evaluation on the board must be ordered separately.


    • Easy evaluation of half- and full-duplex RS-485 transceivers
    • Board layouts for standard RS-485 SOIC footprints
      • 8-lead, SOIC, half-duplex RS-485 (EVAL-RS485HDEBZ)
      • 8-lead, SOIC, full-duplex RS-485 (EVAL-RS485FD8EBZ)
      • 14-lead, SOIC, full-duplex RS-485 (EVAL-RS485FDEBZ)
    • Power/ground connections through screw terminal blocks
    • Screw terminal blocks for logic I/O and RS-485 signals
    • Jumper selectable enable/disable for RE and DE
    • Test points for measuring all signals
    • Resistors and footprints for termination and biasing networks

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